Coconut Milk Drinks

Coco Milk

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Coco Milk Drink

With a rich smoothness, and natural coconut jelly. Savia Coco Milk is an unimaginable delight that sends the tastebuds on a journey to Thailand, where the coconuts are sourced and used to make this wonderful product, which is available in a handful of rich, creamy flavors.

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Size /


"20 FCL

290mL x 1300bxs
485mL x 936bxs

Pack /

290mL x 24btls
485mL x 24btls

Net Weight /
Peso Neto

7.2kg / box
11.83kg / box

Gross Weight /
Peso Bruto

8.3kg / box
11.6kg / box

Dimension /
Dimension (mm)

280 x 420.20 x 180.50
287 x 430 x 251

Shelf Life /

24 Months / Meses
24 Months / Meses
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