Aloe Vera Drinks


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Aloe Vera Drink

With over 10 million bottles distributed worldwide Savia Aloe Vera Drinks are known for its outstanding taste and quality. Savia Aloe Vera is the industry staple for a perfectly balanced combination of enriched tangy aloe gels, and aloe vera juice. These drinks are rich in fiber, and available in a wide variety of flavors, making it a nutritional experience to enjoy!

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Size /


"20 FCL

340mL x 1850bxs
500mL x 1700bxs
1.5L x 980bxs

Pack /

340mL x 20btls
500mL x 20btls
1.5L x 12btls

Net Weight /
Peso Neto

7.2kg / box
10.4kg / box
18.7kg / box

Gross Weight /
Peso Bruto

8.3kg / box
11.6kg / box
19.9kg / box

Dimension /
Dimension (mm)

332 x 268 x 170
312 x 246 x 213
344 x 255 x 315

Shelf Life /

24 Months / Meses
24 Months / Meses
24 Months / Meses
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